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An Unsponsored Billie Razor Review

Is it worth the hype?

Before I get into the hype about anything, I always read customer reviews. I literally spend time scrolling through and sometimes laughing at customers complaining or raving about a product. I feel like most of the time when a product is hyped up it doesn’t meet my standards because I’m pretty picky.

When it comes to using razors, I usually go for BIC. However it can be pretty pricey since I use razors weekly.

As I was scrolling through IG, I came across an influencer that was raving over the Billie razors. She had them all on her IG story. I said to myself “They paid her to say that”(insert rolling eye emoji). But...I’m going to try it anyway since I’ve seen billie commercials before. Maybe they are legit?

When you visit the website it’s super chic. You can create a login to manage your subscription like I did below.

There are many things that you can choose from when it comes to making a subscription. You can choose the frequency of when you want the razors delivered to your home such as 1 month, 2 months, or 3 months.

I’ve had my subscription since May 2021 so that tells you right there that I REALLY love these razors.

I think the difference between the BIC and Billie is that Billie razors have a closer shave and leaves your body feeling smoother. How do I know this? I shaved one of my legs using BIC and my other leg using BILLIE and I felt the difference! Like for real.

Sometimes I would get razor burn after using BIC but I’ve NEVER gotten razor burn from BILLIE razors.

The packaging is super cute and girly (which I totally am) and I love that the razors come with a magic holder because it easily attaches inside my shower. I pay $10 for 4 refill blades every month and shave about 2 to 3 times a week. If you want to buy more products from them, they offer free shipping for orders over $15. Also you get free shipping if you get a subscription like me.

Since I’ve been subscribed the company has come out with a lot of other products that I have yet to try.

One of my FAVORITE things about this company is their message on their website:

That says it all. I hope you give Billie a shot!


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