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"Is a 40-Day Social Media Fast Worth It? My Experience and Results"

The number 40; it's like the magical unicorn of numbers - representing transformation and all things wondrous. Social media... we have a love-hate relationship, don't we? It's like that clingy friend you can't shake off because, well, you've got friends all over the place and it's your ticket to success. Those life moments people share? Pure joy! But let me tell you, take a break from it, even for just a day, and suddenly you're hit with a reality check of epic proportions. I've rambled about this phenomenon before, so if you're curious, dive into the madness here.

So, brace yourself for the wild ride of my life during the 40-day social media detox!

  1. I became SUPER aware of my surroundings - This may make you giggle because social media really had me scrolling and scrolling and once I got off of it, I started to realize the things I live around lol I was like OMG a nail shop?! A juice spot?! I am so serious. Everywhere I went, I would find something new and it was refreshing.  I strutted around like Dora the Explorer, ready to uncover the next hidden gem. One of the places I was SUPER happy to find was a new eyebrow threading place. You bet I did a little happy dance right there on the sidewalk.

2. I was able to maintain a consistent morning and night routine - Usually I would scroll social media and laugh into the night about the posts my friends and family would send me. I admit that sometimes I would fall asleep with my phone on a reel and the thought of accidentally going live while snoring away is just too hilarious to even contemplate. Also, sometimes in the morning, my quest for a motivational post for my blog would often lead me down a deep rabbit hole of memes and funny videos. I would scroll to find a motivational post to put on my blog page but then that would be a set up to fall into a rabbit hole if I came across something that I HAD to share with my peoples. Well, since I wasn't doing the above anymore, I looked up wellness routines that you can do in the morning and night. I felt SO accomplished as I would lineup my Sunday Riley facial care products and be so excited to pamper myself. I also began working out a lot in the mornings and the energy I would feel throughout the day was simply amazing.

3. I stopped making excuses for doing simple things...I just did it -

You must be thinking that I'm going too far with this but social media was distracting me a bit. Did you know I read 3 books during this fast?! I will save my must read books for another post but shout out to Target for always having an amazing selection.

I also stayed SUPER consistent with visiting the gym and am even trying out pilates. Sometimes we can make excuses for doing simple self care things because we wasted time scrolling. One time I logged into IG @ 5 pm then next thing I know its 7 pm?! That's two hours that I could've done something WAY more productive.

4. I became HIGHLY aware of what I was eating -

One time I tried out a diet when I was in my 20's and one of the main things about the diet was to never eat in front of the TV. Of course I did it and I would always overeat because I wasn't being mindful. Let me tell you that I downloaded the Fitness Pal app and I've been tracking every single thing I eat. I'm checking my fitness pal and logging in my Peleton exercises just as much as I would check social media. Summer body is ready honey.

5. I valued the conversations I had with people -

Being off social media has been such a game-changer for me! It inspired me to reach out to my loved ones more often, sending random texts and making calls just to check in on them. And you know what? It's been amazing! I've found myself having longer and more meaningful conversations with them, hearing all about what's going on in their lives. It's like a whole new world opened up because I wasn't just relying on social media updates to stay connected. This shift has been so refreshing and uplifting.

I highly suggest the you unplug for at least once a week. Actually scratch that. I'm TELLING you to unplug for at least once a week. Social Media is met to control us and I know this sounds like I'm a conspiracy theorist but I'm not. I just believe in the old school mindset to an extent. It's okay if people don't see what you wore or ate today. There is so much beauty in the simple things and not keeping up with the latest trends or hashtags. Don't lose yourself in this manipluated society. Find joy in just being present with where you are now.

To my lovely supporters, thank you for reading!

Love always, Rach


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1 Comment

You are inspiring me to take a social media break! I find myself wasting so much time scrolling as well. I am really good at putting my phone down at night and reading a book. But during the day I am always stopping to check everything instead of being more present ! Thanks for sharing 🫶🏻

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