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"Surviving the Sugar-Free Challenge: My 40-Day Journey"

Energy level on 1,000...but please know that I am no doctor or nutritionist, so before starting a drastic change in your diet, make a checkup first! 

Ever since I was a child, I have been a SUPER FAN of sugar. I loved all types of candy (except nasty-ass candy do people even eat that? ). How could I not have my coffee without some sweet syrup or creamer? And don't talk about wanting "sumn' sweet" after my meals. 

I usually give up social media for Lent, but this year, I gave up added sugars. Most people say it's impossible because almost everything has sugar in it. So, I made it a habit of reading labels (which I always do anyway) and saying no to all those harmful sugars lurking around. I only ate fruit and natural products that had natural sugar in them. Read about my journey below.

Now, first things first: I always consult my doctor before I try anything new, and I have the green light to go. 

Before starting a fast, I always read articles and watch YouTube vlogs of other people's experiences to get an idea of what to expect. Now, all of our bodies are different, so what worked for me might not work for you. But now that I am done with my fast, I look back at the people I watched and say, "Oh... I felt that way, too." So, who knows what you may feel if you decide to do this? 

The first day I was like, I GOT THISSSS. I had just gone grocery shopping because before starting any kind of change, you MUST HAVE A PLAN. You know the to plan, plan to fail. I felt on top of the world and giggled at the people saying the sugar detox was SO HARD. I was like haha weaklings. I'm the elite! 

So after Day 1 and beyond, the next two weeks were ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. I got humbled quickly. Not gonna lie. I was VERY IRRITABLE and ate a lot of carbs to fill my sugar void. My body went through a major sugar detox. Normally I live a low carb healthy diet but NOT for these two weeks. Ladies...also, on the second week, it was that time of the month, so that alone causes me to be super cranky...

After each meal, I would always have some fruit nearby. One day, after lunch, I ate an entire bag of blueberries after walking past a cupcake. I felt out of control and lost. I would spend a lot of time searching through each aisle at the grocery store and pretending there wasn't a sale in the dessert section. 

Now, after the two weeks, I can't explain it, but my energy levels SHOT UP. I have discussed this several times on my IG reels, but you don't feel sluggish. I feel like two weeks is the major mountain you must get through, and after that, it's clear skin and energy. 

I am 34 years old, so I have a rigorous skincare routine to keep my skin healthy and fresh. That blog comes later, but I bring it up because a skincare routine mixed with not eating those bad sugars literally made my face glow!!! My eyes seemed to be less puffy, and I didn't even care if other people saw the difference—I SAW THE DIFFERENCE! 

Okay, so about the third week in, I started working out again. My body was adjusted to my new diet, and I even felt energized after working out for 45 minutes. This was amazing. 

Let's go into the positives and negatives of quitting added sugar....

Do you want the good or the bad? 

Hmm... let's start with the bad, and then I'll motivate you by ending with the good. 

The Top 5 Negatives 

  • I was SUPER IRRITABLE, MOODY, SNAPPY, AND MEAN for the first two weeks (just ask my close friends and family, lmao). Omg, how could Rach be mean?! Trust me—you don't want to see that side.

  • When I would go out to eat, it was initially awkward to ask the waiter, "Does this meal have added sugars...I checked your online menu and couldn't find the nutritional facts!"

  • I ended up gaining a little weight (like 3 pounds) at first because I was consuming too many carbs to fix my sugar cravings. I almost quit after this, but I kept going.

  • I wouldn't say I liked the feeling of depriving myself during special occasions like birthdays and girls' nights out because I couldn't celebrate with a slice of cake or anything else sweet. 

  • I kept hearing (and even seeing) the Sugar song by Maroon 5, and I thought it was really weird. 

The Top 5 Positives 

  • My energy levels increased, especially when I woke up early in the morning! 

  • My skin was GLOWING, honey....GLOWING!!!

  • I didn't get a headache during my fast, and this was a HUGE deal for me. If you REALLY know me, you know why. (Thank you God!)

  • Towards the end, I dropped 5 pounds!!! 

  • I have found delicious foods and drinks that are made with all-natural sugars that I will continue to indulge in even though my fast is over! Thank you, Fresh Market & Whole Foods!!! 

Are you convinced yet? It's nothing for me to go on a fast that will make me look and feel better. I'm always down for it. I have been through ALOT in my life physically and mentally so when I read about something that shows love to my body I'm ALL IN! 

Maybe you will decide to do a two-week fast—maybe even three days. My best advice is don't do these fasts to lose weight because it eventually comes with it. Do it to feel better, and everything else will fall in line. 

Below, I have linked my journey through my IG reels. I will show you the groceries that I bought along with my two-week, 21-day, 30-day, and 40-day check-ins. These are straight gems, so you are WELCOME! 

Until next time, my Rach Readers. I'm off to my first birthday party where I can have just a lil birthday cake!!! 

Love, Rach 🤍

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