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The iPod.

It's Official...Bye Bye iPod...

Even though I didn't think about this tech game changer everyday, I'm gonna miss the iPod and the memories that came with it. Or maybe it's not the actual iPod that I'm missing but the time period that the iPod came in? Hm.

I really had a cassette player. And a CD-rom player. I remember some of my first tapes (Destiny's Child No, No, No, Genie in the Bottle Single by Christina Aguilera.) Oh I also had a Walkman. Woah. A little nostalgia there.

Fast forward to 2009 where I got my first iPod (it was blue). I was in college and I got one from Walmart for Christmas. I was obsessed RIGHT AWAY. I love music but this little device made me obsessed with music 24/7.

I still remember some of the songs on my playlist:

  1. Turn My Swag On - Soulja Boy

  2. Pretty Wings - Maxwell

  3. Best I Ever Had - Drake

  4. Successful - Drake

  5. Magic - Robin Thicke

and last but not least...

6. EVERYTHING BEYONCE had done up to 2009!!!!

I'm actually surprised that it took this long to discontinue the iPod so when I saw the news flash on my IG feed, I was like oh...well now it's official.

Anyways, I am thankful for Apple Music. I'm not sure if you guys tried the feature where you listen to a playlist they curate for you based on your favorites and the music you listen to most. It's like they know me. They really know me!

Nothing ever stays the same. I'm all for advancing technology but I really wish I kept my old iPod just to say I still have it. The iPod may be gone but the music still lives on. Anyways...what was on your first iPod playlist?

Love, Rach


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