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"Never Binge Again"

Weight Loss Is In The Mind

Before you read my article, please note that I am not a Doctor nor a Nutritionist. Before you change your diet, please check with your Doctor or a medical professional to find out what works for you. Okay you can keep reading now! :-)

Weight loss is in the mind.

Weight loss is in the mind.

Weight loss is in the mind.

During the quarantine, all I did was bake. Cookies, cakes, pies, breads, you name it. Wasn’t that all there was to do? Everyone was trying to find an outlet. Something that made them forget about Covid and try to live a life outside a bubble.

I started in June 2020. I was off from work until August so I had the summer to work on my lifestyle change when it came to eating. As I was scrolling through weight loss tips I came across a book called “Never Binge Eat Again” by Glenn Livingston Ph.d. I was never a binge eater but more of a fast food eater. Also sugar was my best friend. I read mixed reviews about the book on Amazon and decided to try it out after reading a review that said “this book made me lose 30 pounds”. I’m not going to get into detail about the book but I suggest you buy it and read it because it truly changed my life.

Fast Forward to August 4th 2022...I reached out to Dr. Glenn via his website and asked if I could interview him. He said YES!!!

Dr. Glenn is a veteran psychologist who has helped THOUSANDS of people when it comes to the power of the mind and food. In his one of many books "Never Binge Again" Dr. Glenn uses a farm animal (pig) to make you control your mind when it comes to eating.

Take a look at my interview below with Dr. Glenn himself!!!

Did you know that you could get a FREE COPY?! Visit

Thanks again Dr. Glenn! You are changing lives!!!

Love, Rach


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