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In Your 20's...Get Out Of Your Hometown

How moving to LA changed my life.

It was June 2014 and my teaching contract was up. I had just completed my first year of teaching and was job hunting for a new school for next year.

Over spring break of that same year, I visited my Mom's best friend and her son in L.A. On the plane ride home, I was SO SAD. I had a blast in LA and didn't want it to be over.

So I decided to drive 3,000 miles to start a new life. I packed up my car (along with my twin and Mom) and we were on the road.

Were we crazy? I was raised in a small town and it's not popular to just leave to drive 3,000 miles away...but why not?

I was 23, had no kids, and I wasn't married. So I took the leap of faith and moved.

It was the best decision of my life. I met people from all over the world. I was introduced to new cultures. I fell in LOVE for the first time. I began a career that caused me to meet a ton of celebrities and get invited to numerous award shows. None of this would've happened if I had stayed in my hometown.

Here is what happens when you move completely away from your hometown:

  1. You have no choice but to step out of your comfort zone - You are gonna meet new people. You are going to have new experiences. Since you are starting over, there is no need to stay comfortable.

  2. You will make brand new friends - I lived in an apartment complex where there was a community pool and bbq pit. Every weekend I would meet someone new and we would share our stories. Almost every person I met wasn't even from LA so we all connected right away.

  3. You will see life from a different view - I was exposed to so many different cultures in LA. Mexican, Persian, etc. LA is one of the most diverse cities in the world and home to many multicultural neighborhoods. I mostly experienced these cultures through food and was so excited to try out authentic foods and learn the stories behind them.

  4. You realize that anywhere you are is HOME. - Is home really in a place? I read an unknown quote that said "Home isn't a place, it's you". That really stuck with me. I made this new and unknown city home. My family and friends that surrounded me made me feel at home.

This article isn't just for people in their 20's

I just think that when you are in your 20's you have all these rules and people to answer to about what career choice to make, how to set up for your future, etc.

I pray that you will be free from other people's opinions because they don't matter. You can be 30, 40, 50, or above.

You can make the decision to leave your comfort zone. Trust won't regret it.

I lived in California from June 2013 to December 2018 and they were the most beautiful moments of my life. In December 2018, I did it again. I moved to Miami with my family. Let's see where this city takes me. Who knows what city will be next? ;-)

Stay free beautiful people.


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