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We Are So Lucky To Have Grown Up Without Social Media

This article isn’t cursing social media. Nor is it an intervention to get you to stop scrolling. Actually as I was browsing through Instagram stories, I read this quote and it stuck with me. “Growing up as a kid without any social media was truly a blessing”.

I’m 31… therefore I consider myself someone that became aware of the culture in the 2000’s. I remember butterfly hair clips were a thing. Boy bands were it (*NSYNC was the best and don’t @ me). Instead of texting, I would get paper notes from my friends that we would exchange in class. Instead of taking pictures of my food, I would be focused on conversation at the table. I was way more present.

Going to the video store with my friends was heaven. We would run through the aisles in Blockbuster trying to pick out two movies to watch back in our tent at my house. I would listen to music on cassette tapes and have to rewind tracks so I can write down the lyrics in my notebook. Remember cordless telephones? I would call my friends on Line 2 since my parents used Line 1.

I had a Polaroid and I would also buy Kodak cameras to capture moments but it wasn’t a priority to do so. I remember spending hours riding my bike or scooter around the neighborhood with my friends. Time didn’t matter.

It’s so different now. When you go out, most of the time you see people on their phones instead of conversing. Let me take a picture of my meal. Gotta snap a shot of my drink. I’m at a concert and instead of living in the moment, I’m going to have my phone out recording the whole show.

Most of us have been guilty of all of the above and that’s okay. I just want you to reminisce about how things used to be.

Will times ever be this way again? Probably not. With the rise of using social media to monetize and create marketing, we will probably never go back to simplicity. Or maybe we will? One thing I do know is that I cherish my childhood and I hope the next generation will find something to help them appreciate simplicity.


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