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My Masego Concert Experience

The 2016 Back Story:

It was a crazy and busy day at work and I was over my playlist. I was 26 and working overtime at a high demanding job. I really needed a song to get me going since my energy drink was doing nothing.

At work I befriended someone who had an amazing taste in music (like myself). One day we were chatting and she was like, I met Masego! I was like girl who? Then she showed me a video of her meeting him at a concert. I was like who is he?

Then she sent me the “The Pink Polo” EP. I was in love with the first track. I kept this EP on repeat for the rest of the day and I looked around and it was time to go home. I was a new fan and would continue to listen to his work over the years.

Fast forward to the pandemic 2020. I put my Mom onto Masego so we can have some music to keep our spirits up. She fell in love right away.

I told my Mom that if Masego ever came to Miami I would take her to see him.

Masego Comes to Miami:

Man if you speak something into existence, it HAPPENS!!! Y’all one day I was scrolling through IG and I came across an ad that said “Nu Deco Ensemble featuring Masego". I thought I was seeing things. Did they just say Masego?

I clicked on the link and it said MASEGO WAS GOING TO BE IN FREAKING MIAMI.

I immediately bought tickets and then called my Mom. I told her to go shopping for an outfit because I was taking her to dinner and a Masego concert! She was SO EXCITED!!!

What I Wore: All black everything is my go to so I found a super comfy all black jumpsuit from For shoes, I wanted to wear something comfortable because I was going to be dancing the night away. I went for my knee high suede black boots by Dolce Vita. I call these boots “vintage” because I've had them forever. I was all dressed for a Neo soul vibe and so was my Mom.

My Experience:

Before Masego came on, Nu Deco killed it. They had a beautiful unified sound that was so dreamy. Now this was my first live concert since the pandemic so I was super appreciative of the live music that I was experiencing.

After Nu Deco they did a short video of Masego and his behind the scenes work with the Ensemble.

And then he CAME OUT Y’ALL!!! If you want to see and hear my reaction check out my instagram page @rachelnormandy . Just warning you, I am SUPER dramatic when I see my favorite artists live.

He even did Yamz and brought out Devin Morrison. Amazing. Just Amazing.

You ever been to those concerts where they talk between each song? Ugh he did this too. It was PERFECT.

If you haven’t experienced Masego live in concert, let me keep it real with you. THIS MAN IS BEYOND TALENTED. His runs are unreal. It isn’t just the fact that his music is so different and unique but he bought out the SAX y’all. Who does that?!

His voice was PERFECT. Yes I said PERFECT. My favorite song that he performed was Prone. You have to hear this song LIVE. This is my favorite Masego song of all time.

Sadly there was no meet and greet but I will be on the look out for the next time Masego is back in Miami! I’m so happy that I was able to surprise my Mom with tickets and finally see him live!

I hope you get into Masego’s music because he truly is an AMAZING musician. I totally look forward to whatever he puts out in the future and will continue to have his music on repeat.

Have you ever been to a Masego concert? What are your favorite songs by him? Tell me in the comments below!


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