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"Embracing the Next Chapter: Navigating Life Turning 34"

I'm in bed by 9 so I stay fine...

Happy 34th Birthday to me!

When I was younger I used to go to digital calendars and fast forward to year 2030 and beyond. In my head I would think, omg what will I be doing then... I would be ____ years old?! This may sound either cute to you or an example of the beginning stages of anxiety.

Did you know that 34 in numerology represents: "strength gained through experience, as well as growth obtained from observation of both people and things?" It also symbolizes inner wisdom and intuition. I'm a Wizard now! (Soulja Boy Voice)

I must say that it is so sad at how society pressures people to be here and there at certain stages in their lives. Your "Big Life Event" whether it be marriage, your first child, etc. your life can be different from someone else's and that's OKAY. Say it with me, "THAT'S OKAY"! I'M OKAY!

For example, one of my "Big Life Events" was becoming an Auntie. I have three little people in my life that feel safe with me and get super excited when I visit them. The love is unconditional and it gives me butterflies. I was always the youngest around in my family growing up and when I came across a baby, I would be so terrified to hold them because they looked so fragile. Now I wrestle daily (WWE style) with my three nephews and am an expert at changing diapers anywhere and at anytime.

I am content, and I feel like that word is taboo in society today. There is such a subtle and peaceful beauty in even saying that word. I practice Gratitude daily because if I don't the evil voices of society echo in my head by saying "but you don't have this yet..."

I am Christian and I back my thinking with the Word. The book of Hebrews mentions to "be content with what you have".

I can tell my testimony a million times but my perspective shifted once I had a near death experience. Once you survive something that should've killed you but you miraculously walk away from it, you have a COMPLETE different outlook on life.

I found myself way more outspoken than I used to be and I take plenty of risks.

I have become a lot more fearless than I used to be and I find myself putting down my phone in order to take in the moments that I don't want to end.

Even though I feel content, I am still open to all that God wants for me in my life. I always know that there are more opportunities to push myself into new experiences that take me out of my comfort zone. Sometimes, thinking about wanting more would make me feel guilty or ungrateful; but I believe that you can still be "grateful for what you have and desire more from life".

So while practicing gratitude, I am simultaneously learning new things, working on my passion projects (which I can't wait to share with you!), and planning out my future travel destinations.

I saw a meme floating around that talks about advice that you would give to 20 somethings now that you are in your 30's. My main advice is PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not measure your life around someone else's or society's timeline! It's literally the thief of joy. Comparison. By any means necessary practice Gratitude to silence the negativity.

Thank you for all of your beautiful birthday wishes. I love all of you so much.

Okay I'm off to eat a lot of cake.

Love, Rach


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