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Valentine's Day: Celebrating 54 Years of Love

I would like to introduce you to my Aunt Diane & Uncle Larry

Back story -

So recently my Auntie & Uncle came down to visit our family for a birthday party. At the birthday party, the band started playing a beautiful slow dance song and I saw my Uncle escort my Auntie to the dance floor and they literally stole the show. The presence of their love filled the room and all people could do was stop and stare. I believe that this kind of love should be celebrated. In the state of our culture, everyone has a podcast and must I say that even though you have a podcast with a fancy mic and/or headphones, everything people say isn’t always valid about relationships! I always love hearing true love stories and after seeing how people responded at the party to a slow dance, I had to know this love story and share it with you. Enjoy.

So she met him at party that she WASN'T supposed to go to. Isn't that how these stories usually start? 54 years later they kept their love strong and I was able to reminisce with my Auntie as she retold her love story to me. Take a look at my exclusive interview with my lovely Auntie Diane below. Enjoy!

Rach: So.....Where did you first meet?! Aunt Diane: Larry and I first met at a small house party - that neither one of us had  planned to go to - given by someone I worked with. The reason why I didn't want to go is because that same coworker set me up with a bad date in the past.

Rach: Where was your first date?

Aunt Diane: Our first date was at Dover Air Force Base in Dover, Delaware. We went to the Airmen's Club.

Rach: I feel like it's so easy to get in contact with someone you want to talk to. Whether it be social media, FaceTime, texting, etc. We take for granted how quickly we can reach someone. With that being said, what were your main methods of communication then? Aunt Diane: Our main methods of communication were the telephone and letters. We had landlines. There were no cellphones then. We used to talk all night long. Larry was stationed at Dover Air Force Base. I was at home in Wilmington, Delaware. Back then, the average phone bill was about $25/mo. Ours was about $400/mo.! Boy, was my mom (my grandmother) upset when the phone bill came the first time it happened!  Fortunately, I worked at the phone company and paid the phone bills at home so my mother calmed down. When Larry was deployed overseas, we wrote letters everyday.

*SIDE-NOTE FROM RACH - Okay did you hear that? I thought it was so adorable that they WROTE LETTERS TO EACH OTHER! My Auntie told me that the letters would come through to New York since my Uncle was stationed out in Turkey. She never really knew when they would come but I can't imagine the excitement they would get when they received letters from each other. Guys seriously how cute is this?

Rach: What’s your favorite thing about him?

"If I have to choose just one thing, it's the way he shows me chivalrous love. He has ALWAYS opened doors for me and he ALWAYS holds my hand wherever we go."

Rach: What are you proudest of as a couple?

Aunt Diane: We are proudest of our precious family!

Rach: Tell us your engagement story! How did he propose?!

Aunt Diane: Larry was so nervous, he had a few drinks first. (LOL) He called me from the Base and proposed on the phone. He was so excited he had to ask me over the phone and then he came over to my house to be with me and my family. We got engaged during that wonderful holiday time - after Thanksgiving and before Christmas of 1968!

"One timely fact is that while your Uncle Larry proposed over the holidays, he wasn't able to get my ring until a couple of days before Valentines Day! We became "official" when he put my ring on me - ON Valentines Day! Larry said that "he wanted to lock this down before he went overseas".

Rach: When did you get married? 

Aunt Diane: We got married on Saturday, December 20, 1969 at my parent’s home. The wedding was supposed to start at 2 pm but it ended up starting at 3 pm because every time a family member would come and see me all dressed up in the bathroom, we would all start crying!

Rach: How have you celebrated your anniversaries?

Aunt Diane: We've celebrated our anniversaries in different ways. Sometimes we had anniversary parties. Sometimes they were surprise parties! We've gone out to dinner with family or friends. Many times, we've taken a few days for anniversary trips.

Rach: What’s your number one piece of advice to younger couples, married or not?

"Our number one piece of advice to younger couples, married or not, is to keep God in your marriage or relationship."

* LAST SIDENOTE FROM RACH - Are you boo’ed up and just came home to a bed of roses? Are you single and just came back from a Galentines day? Are you freshly broken up and taking out your sorrows in sweet treats? Are you in a situation-ship where you are just kind of left in the dark but you don’t want to fully let go because you low key like the toxicity? I could go on and on about the things I’ve seen and even experienced personally. I say all of this to say that Love truly still exists and...


Whatever season you are in when it comes to your relationship status, there is a reason for it. I really hope that after reading this interview you still believe in Love, even if you’ve been heartbroken before. Love conquers all and I pray that you find some way to feel that Love today.

Happy Valentines Day Rach Readers!

Love, Rach

P.S. take a look at thee moment that warmed my heart below:


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