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My Beyonce Experience

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter

Queen B.

Hey Mrs. Carter

I’ve been a member of the Beyhive since Destiny’s child. Y’all I still can’t believe I saw my Queen live. If you follow me on IG, you saw my reaction. I don’t know what came over me but even hearing her calmly say “Miami” made me HYPE. I got so emotional because I was witnessing my role model right in front of me.

If you are blessed to join the Renaissance and go to a concert, be prepared to be in complete shock for at least 20 minutes. It’s almost like she’s not real, which makes me speculate if she is indeed an Alien Superstar and she’s trying to tell us in her music.

Anyways, I got to the venue with my family SUPER early. I was not gonna miss anything. I was also super excited to see the Beyhive live and in person. Here is me getting ready...

When I got to the stadium, I felt like I was surrounded by people I’ve known for years. It felt like family. Someone would randomly start a lyric and we would finish it!

Okay, so as we were standing in line waiting for the doors to open, we noticed that a huge camera was moving and worked around the audience interviewing people. I didn’t think much of it since I just wanted to see B. I also wanted to be first on line to get even more tour merch.

Then the camera man and reporter came up to my sister and said hey ladiesssss…..We were like omggggg 😂

So they loved that we had on matching outfits (fan included…IYKYK) and they wanted to interview us. You can see the interview here & here.

We really made the news with Beyonce being the headline. I’m praying that she saw it!

So later…it was finally time to go in. Y’all when those gates opened I ran lmao jk I didn’t run but I was super excited!!!

We had amazing seats (see below) thanks to my twin!

You know how Drake names his tour “It was all a blur?” That is how I feel about the whole show. I was in a daze and it literally felt like a blur.

She’s sings live the entire show (which she always does).

The choreography is unmatched.

Her wardrobe changes were flawless.

She connects with her audience and tells us how much she loves and appreciates us over the years.

She is the definition of class.

A strong ass BLACK woman.

My soul sista.

Okay now you know I can go on and on about Beyonce so I’m gonna end this post by saying if you are contemplating about going to her show, this is your sign to treat yourself and go. You won’t be disappointed because look at my footage.

I love and appreciate all of you. I also really thank God that He created Beyonce.

Love, Rach 🤍


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